echo: the collective


Picture this

You come into work, unlock the door, turn the lights & your current fav playlist on

You light the candles, sage your space, pull some cards for the day & set up your station for your dream clients on your books

You are sipping your fav latte from @parkservicecoffee & eating your fav breakfast sandwich from @theloxbagelshop 

You are so calm & at peace sitting in the space alone reflecting on all the events that lead you to this point.

This moment.


Where you own your own business, make your own hours, set your own prices, pick out your favorite product lines, making 6 figures working 3-4 days a week

You have full control of your career and finally live a balanced lifestyle 

Meanwhile, you work alongside other women in this industry who hold the same vision and values as you

You spend time as a collective each month working on manifesting, marketing & making an impact on you, your clients & the community 

At Echo, you are 100% in charge of your books, business, and branding. 

We are just here to support you, create with you, and grow with you.

The benefits of joining the tribe include but are not limited to:

  • Consistently branded marketing and a network of  local partnerships and businesses

  • Echo Edu: an education program to build a sustainable business from the ground up

  • Welcome dinners for new tribe members with the salon 

  • Monthly zooms the first Monday of every month

  • A salon home with a tribe full of support and positive vibes. There is a no-tolerance policy when it comes to gossip, slander, and bullying. We ensure an uplifting and positive work environment. 

  • Opportunities to be featured and a part of the Echo After Dark Podcast

  • Events for clients, our community, and retreat days just for our tribe seasonally. 

  • Photoshoots! We will provide individual and team branded content seasonally.  

  • Monthly personal coaching with Molly to continue growing and can cover anything from new techniques, business, social media, marketing, and more, Molly loves surprises. 

  • Outside of all the basics needed to function in your space, you will also receive a back bar and a snack + drink bar, and a mini self-help library of books and oracle cards for your clients to enjoy during their visits

  • You will even have access to ample storage space for back stocking your own products, break room amenities, on-site laundry, and a space to display any retail you carry in-house.

Sound too good to be true? 

It's not! 

I'm guessing you are on one of two paths and experiencing a wave of emotions.

To learn more and apply, choose which path currently describes you best:

new to booth rent


been rentin'