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The Basics

ECHO is the perfect hybrid for someone who wants more flexibility and freedom while maintaining community growth and support. We value having a balanced mind, body, and soul because we know how amazing it is to operate from a place of balance and abundance. Our goal is to provide you with the steps to success by maintaining weekly check-ins to create growth and consistency, access to monthly tribe zooms & seasonal salon retreat days and optional life coaching to support you as you level up! As you read through this guide there will be an overwhelming theme of communication.Everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes down to communication. 



When YOU walk into ECHO you can feel the positive vibe. Everyone is happy. People are connecting with one another, the energy, and the community. When they walk in they feel like they already know us because they follow our social media. They see cohesive branding, they see like minded people, and they want to spend time at ECHO. We are a vibe. And the network we have amoung our tribe, our clients & the city of Columbus is a priceless added value to all our clients appointments. That is the vision and experience we want for everyone who comes into the salon. As a stylist our vision expands beyond this. We want a place where you can grow. Where you can set goals, crush them & set more goals. A place where the tribe celebrates your successes instead of seeing you as the competition. We want to bring beauty to the ugly side of the beauty industry and show that unity will do more than division ever did.


Appearance Expectations

We want someone to look at one of us out in the “wild” and automatically think “Oh, she must work at ECHO”

Ideally, what does this look like?

● Fashion forward is the name of the game. We want you to show off your personal style by expressing yourself. Our clients come to us for more than just hair + skin, we are truly their gatekeeper for all things fashion & beauty 

● Color is irrelevant & though you will find most of us in all black more often than not you can wear whatever

● The idea of getting camera ready everyday is exhausting. Lol We just ask that you feel put together.

● Use your best judgment were all adults who own businesses, we aren’t your mom or trying to be one


Books/Scheduling Clients

The beauty of working at ECHO is the ability to control your schedule. If you want to fill your books, we’ve got you and that’s what the salon’s website is there for to help drive traffic to you individually as well as the referrals and walk ins we receive being in such a prime location! 

● You must provide your own booking & POS system. Gloss is our tribe fav, but square is a great alternative 

● Everyone will have their own bio with a direct link to their personal booking website on ECHO’s website

● Be sure to coordinate with your station or suite mate when it comes to scheduling and if you need to change days/hours outside your set ones the two of you decided upon

● Please block off your time on your personal booking system in a timely manner. This will ensure

that a client doesn’t slide onto your books unexpectedly overnight when you don’t plan on coming in at your normal time


Communication With Clients

How we communicate with our clients from the time they see our social media until they are in our chairs should be cohesive. We want every client to feel respected, welcomed, and excited to come to ECHO. Proactive communication will set us apart and it will ultimately let the client know that you respect their time and appreciate them. Below you will find the guidelines for common situations that arise.



A consultation class is available to you if you are seeking more guidance, tips, or would like a refresher on how to execute a successful virtual consult. 

Make sure to properly quote the entire cost of the service to the client so that they do not have sticker shock at the end of their service. Or at least be open when communicating there could be a range that is service dependent. Appropriately charging also ensures that the client understands the value of your time and services.


Running Behind

It happens to the best of us. We underestimate how long something may take or a client shows up a few minutes late. This can throw our whole day off! Please be sure to call or text your client. We have a “Running Behind Template” if you need it. It’s important to respect your clients time, as you wish for them to respect yours


Appointment Arrival

The day of of before your client’s appointment be sure to send them the “Client Arrival Template” text. This lets new clients know about parking near the building and what to expect. 


Salon Etiquette- General

This part may seem like common sense but we want to set clear expectations.

● Don’t be a dick. Be courteous to others, speak to one another with respect, and try not to bring the stress from your personal life to work with you. If you are having a day, let us know if you need to chat about it, don’t lash out! 

● We understand that our phones are basically attached to our bodies at all times, but please make it a point to silence your phone while you are with clients. 

● In a perfect world you should be arriving 30 mins before your client. At a bare minimum you need to be at the Salon 15 mins before your client so that you are set up and ready to go when they arrive. We understand that we all have days & shit happens. 

● Please take parking into consideration when arriving and into your daily schedule.

● Perform general salon cleaning. Make sure that your station is kept sanitary and organized. Also, be a team player and chip in around the salon. If the trash is full take it out, if the TP is empty, change it. These little tasks add up if they are not completed throughout the day and it adds on to the time it takes to close.

● Be a team player! If you see a fellow stylist running behind and you have a break, offer to help



Have you ever driven down a street of beautiful homes and then seen the one house that looks like the owner just gave up on life or decided to rebel against the rest of the neighborhood? Don’t be that neighbor! Keep your area tidy, clean up after yourself, and be sure to be a good neighbor. If you want to borrow something you need to ask. If you borrow something give it back in great condition. Additionally, if you see your neighbor’s space getting a little unsightly don’t bring negative energy by talking shit behind their back to clients or fellow members of the gang. Offer to help them, maybe they are overwhelmed!



This feels yucky and we hope to never have to terminate someone but we need to make it clear what we will not tolerate. You will lose your deposit and given 7 days to vacate and return any ECHO belongings (ex: the key)

● Blatant disrespect for fellow tribe members, clients, or partners. We all have days where we want to throat chop someone. Take a deep breath, take a step back, and use your customer service skills. If a situation is escalating you need to pull in Molly or another lead stylist don’t hesitate to do so. 

● Theft. Stealing from the Salon, a fellow tribe member, a client....not acceptable and you will be booted immediately.

● Damaged property. We are all clumsy at times so we aren’t talking about accidentally breaking something and taking ownership. We mean intentionally breaking property, or engaging in reckless activities that damage property.

● Continual client dissatisfaction. One client giving a bad review sucks and we can fix that or learn from that. When every person you touch is giving the same feedback and the issue is never being corrected, time to reevaluate if this is the right fit. Yes, you own your own business but you are operating under the umbrella and brand of Echo and to the public and average client we appear like any regular salon & reviews and reputations carry a lot of weight in this industry. 


 Voluntary Departure

People move, gain new opportunities, and like to try working at new places. We are always cheering you on and are excited for your opportunities. That being said, we treat everyone like they are going to be with us forever. We help you build your brand and provide a very particular environment for you and your clients. ECHO also reserves the right to retain any certificates earned or paid for by the salon. We encourage you to make decisions for yourself and not get caught up in other people's drama. You have two options when breaking your loose and they are as follows 

● Buy out your lease in full or in 3 monthly installments

● Subleasing your suite or station upon written approval by Molly with a 30 day notice for each individual situation. ECHO reserves the right to not allow someone to sublet