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echo education 


by Tasha 


by Molly


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Current Echo Edu Class:



An extension certification class

with Molly Meek 


Have you seen the hype?


Have watched everyone take their

careers to the next level with hair extensions?


But you wonder if it would do the same thing for yours


You’re not sure if you have the clientele for extensions?


Or if your current clients would pay for the luxury service?


Are you discouraged by the price tag attached

to the extension classes as most start above $1k and range to $5k?


Do you wonder if you’re worth it, or if it

would change things for you, your family, and your future?


Are you worried that if you bring this up to your

partner or support system they may be skeptical

of how much you are investing in a single class?


You’re stressed and feel like you don’t have the time.


Your current salon schedule does not

even allow space to add another service to your menu


The extension world it self, feels overwhelming


And you have been going back and forth with making this decision


I hear you, I've been you.


But I guarantee you’re over thinking it


Echo Extensions is not for the OG extension stylists


It's not for the serial certification collector


It’s for the beginner


The stylist who has little to no experience with extensions


The stylist who has been curious about beaded weft methods


It’s for you, the one who has been putting her dreams on hold


The stylist who puts everyone else before herself


It’s for the stylist who spends hours in the

salon and is becoming burnt out


What if I told you, by getting certified in

Echo Extensions you can work less, and make more?


You can spend more time at home with your family


You can have more financial freedom to

take those trips we’ve all been dying too take, post COVID


You can choose who your clients are


Instead of accepting whatever services

walk through your door to pay your bills.


The investment would pay for itself in ONE

extension client as admission is only $850


However, you're unsure if you can create

a sustainable business from current and new extension clients


Marketing and branding have always come

easily to me and have made a difference in my career in the last decade


Not only will I teach you how to do extensions,

I will teach you how to market them.


We will cover the technical skills behind Echo Extensions and create personalized marketing plans that appeal to your ideal client



Also included in this offer:

  • how to set your prices

  • how to build the best kit

  • access to exclusive hair suppliers

  • how to color extensions


But wait there's more:

You will receive lifetime access to me as

your business coach for any issues that may arise